What’s worse than being ill? I’ve been ill since the weekend. You just think you can push it like you do at home by dragging yourself to class but then the cold north winds kicks in dries out your throat, sends your congestion headache into overdrive and your throat and lungs into coughing fits and you just want to shrivel up and die. The art history tutorial yesterday seemed like something out of a drug induced hallucinatory sequence out of Requiem for a Dream when the fish-eye lens sets in for effect with a sepia tint and spinning. Talk about bad judgement this delusion of being able to survive a day from anywhere else other than under my heavy duvet.

It started and worsened out of no one’s fault but my own and now here I am in rotation between bed and desk to avoid the blockage migraine which sets in when you’re in any one position for too long, nursing a sporadically bleeding nose, tossing tissues into a rapidly filling bin. Bah humbug!