Snow again!

Looking at the forecast for tomorrow I see it is supposed to snow again. Two to four inches they say. I had plans to do outside things tomorrow. Not going to work with the snow. So, I came up with another to-do list as a substitute. I have come up with a list of things I want to get done tomorrow.

1) Figure out the Linux drivers for my printer (Already have the paperwork).

2) Clean up the little mess I made in the basement putting in the washer and dryer.

3) Clean out my drawer and file cabinet.

4) Call the student loan people - again.

5) Clean Sparky’s house (Cyli’s fish)

6) Read a little

7) Go to the store (if I can get out) and get some vitamins (at my therapists request) and water

Normal day to day stuff (shower, shave, do my dishes, etc)

9) Smile more all day

10) Check help wanted ads - again (I do everyday)

I realize these aren’t lofty goals for the day and maybe I’ll come up with more to do. As always, Hope everyone has a great day!

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