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If you're living in German and you like to play black jack whether you play it for fun on weekend with your buddies, or play it for a big time blackjack tournament, or play online poker to kill your spare time between work, then you must have realize that there are so few online blackjack site that's for you german speaker. Most of them are in english, and if you're not an active english speaker or understand just a lilttle english then you are screwed. You must have to have a german language site for you to understand and to play online blackjack.

But not to worry, for you german language speaker I will recommend you with a great german language online black jack site, Casino.de. Here in this site you will find many poker sites all in german (mostly) or any other language available. You can read all about Blackjack information from: blackjack instruction, interactive blackjack exercise play, blackjack basic strategy, blackjack rules, blackjack variants, the best blackjack casino and many other. So you can also play online casino straight from this site without worry that they're going to scam, since they only listed the best and most reputable online blackjack casino out there. So have fun playing online blackjack, and good luck!


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Jeff Dragt said...

I'm trying to get in contact with this blogs owner but I cannot find any contact info. Could you please remove or add the nofollow tag to the links on this page pointing to our website? If you could contact me a jeff@casino.de it would be very much appreciated.